The Canadian Textile Recovery Effort (CTRE) is a national, voluntary, industry-led non-profit organization promoting the principals of zero waste and connecting industry leaders to inspire innovation.

Membership in CTRE is available to all individuals, organizations or companies who share in the broad philosophies and goals expressed in the following Code of Conduct and who are in support of the CTRE’s core values:

  1. The member agrees to conduct business practices in accordance with CTRE values of trust, integrity and continuous improvement.
  2. The member recognizes the importance and opportunity to create best practice standards that reduce the environmental impact of textiles throughout the product’s lifecycle.
  3. The member agrees to consider how to effectively implement these best practices within their own organization.
  4. The member agrees to strive towards sustainable textile production and recovery by establishing goals and measurable benchmarks.
  5. The member agrees to collaborate in good faith with the membership body of the CTRE to identify gaps in knowledge, connections, and barriers that may inhibit achieving the goals of the CTRE.


  1. Environmental responsibility
  2. Accountability and integrity
  3. Collaborative innovation
  4. Sustainability (promotes long term maintenance considering environmental, financial and social implications)